Best Google Web Fonts

17/12/2018 / Design

We're experiencing a moment of great creativity in the use of web typography. Google Fonts is without doubt one of the most valuable resources, mainly due to the open source nature of its fonts, which allows for both personal and commercial use. Additionally, the quality of the selection is very high as it takes into account essential aspects of web and mobile typography, such as legibility and readability, and of course the accessibility that its own platform dedicates itself to. >

ExpressionEngine 5 is Available Now

30/11/2018 / CMS integration

A momentous event in ExpressionEngine’s history has occurred. We just shipped Version 5, the first release as Free Open-Source Software! A major version change gives a clean break and adds clarity for all users of what license they are running. This version removes licensing and Core feature restrictions, and has no impact on third-party add-ons. >

ExpressionEngine Is Now Free

16/11/2018 / CMS integration

In November, ExpressionEngine will be open source! As of today, it is free! At EllisLab we are insanely excited about this move. The potential it has to drive incredible growth and opportunity for everyone in the ecosystem is amazing. And it will bring ExpessionEngine to new customers all around the globe. >

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